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Superman vs Goku Superman vs Goku

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

First of all, this is a pretty good animation. The concept was interesting, and the animation was smooth. Overall, nice job, except you should have done more to distinguish the characters. Now, being not a huge fan of DBZ or DC, I would have to say superman would win. He has super speed, is invincible unless exposed to kryptonite (which i'm pretty sure is a hard substance to find), and has powers on the same level as Goku. Since Goku isn't invincible, I would assume superman would eventually beat him down unless Goku somehow found some kryptonite on the way there. I think this may be overkill, but i can't take how stupid the argument is. That's all.

TOME Episode 03 TOME Episode 03

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ok, i know some people are going to hate this, but anyone who is criticizing the f#%k out of Tome is a idiot. I see this too much with games and movies on newgrounds. 1. this is about 10 times better than most stuff on newgrounds, to the point of being near tv quality. 2. This is a remake of a series made years ago by kirbopher, so stop raging about the plot because you could have done that years ago. 3. Newgrounds is not for overtly cruel criticizing. You are not movie critics. It is not your job to over analyze something that was made for a website on the internet, not the movie theater or tv. The point is, those who enjoy acting like their job is to insult things that don't need to be insulted need to stop. If you think you're reasonable, you aren't. You're trolling. Now that I feel less inclined to punch a wall, let me actually review this. Tome is great. It is one of the best series i have ever seen on the internet, and even off it. Even if their are a few one-liners in there, it makes it even better. I love the way this remake has become, and I hope they finish this series completely.

TOME Episode 02 TOME Episode 02

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The remakes of some of the characters like sniperwave asterob are great, and if people don't understand how little filler this episode was, you need to watch the original. For you who thought the lip syncing was bad, I wonder how high your standards are to notice a little problem like that. My conclusion is that this is a great series, if you couldn't already tell by the score, and keep making more of these despite the fact that a small minority like to be annoying and hate on everything.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The red lizard........ *shudder* but anyway, I see what you were going for, and you hit that target. Similar to retriever (which is also a low rated frontpage game as of now) it is fun. People often forget a game does not need disturbing sights or meaningful, depressing endings (critics and their need for aritistic games and movies. wtf. tone it down a tad bit.) sometimes you just need a fun, brainless insertmainmaterialofgameherefest. I would like to see a few more games like this to balance out the many art games (because there is a such thing as too much sadness.) Anyway, make more games bro.

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Aero Crusher Aero Crusher

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Before I gave this review, unlike most of you I played through the entire game. Using my laptop mousepad, I spent hours n one of the most challenging experiences a gamer could ever go through. The game is insanely hard from start to finish, which is why it gets three stars, but the real problem with this is one thing: lazy programming. This was made for stencyljam 2012, a competition I'm assuming very few non-developer newgrounders like myself noticed, and because of this the program used was not flash, but stencyl. This likely means more than a few things. First, stencyl is similar to scratch. Having used scratch, I know how hard it is to program some of the most familiar concepts into it. Stencyl being a more advanced predessessor, would likely have the same problems, but in less simple concepts. The creator likely didn't intend this game to be hard at first, which can be seen in the last battle since Arthur doesn't hit all the way at either side of the screen, showing some restraint. However, he obviously did not take the time to create a health system, and seeing how it could be moderately hard without messing up the game's difficulty or creating "stuck under the spike wall" situations, they opted to just not have any health at all. Anyway, it was fun at times, frustrating at most, and had some interesting bosses. In fact, this is overall a very good spin on the rampant physics games of today, but should have been at least playtested by the developer before it was published, because many of the levels need to be completely revamped, such as air attack, any level with blocks, the bottle level, and the caterpillar level, which really should be a boss. In fact, this game is about 60% overtly frustrating boss battles, some of which aren't described as boss battles for some reason (caterpillar, tractor, I'm looking at you.)

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City Siege 3 Jungle Siege City Siege 3 Jungle Siege

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game, this is what i imagine fire emblem will feel a bit like when i get around to playing it. I literally felt shocked every time one of my units dies. Also HaRo911, the rifleman is basically the sniper class, just if they gave a sniper a one shot hunting rifle and pushed him right into battle.

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Recent Audio Reviews

Fight With All You've Got Fight With All You've Got

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice! Really catchy! Probably would be a good battle theme.

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks for the review, yes indeed, I thought I might aswell start of 2014 with something old school! hehe

Drake The Type Of N-Slur Drake The Type Of N-Slur

Rated 3 / 5 stars

0:00-0:28: Maybe a bit too much repeat for too long.
0:45-1:28: I really like this part. It's complex where it counts, and the sound is engaging.
1:28-1:36: These transitional parts... it's a nice style, but gives me this feel of emptiness for a bit.
1:36-2:00: Pretty nice, rather ambient though.
2:00-2:11: Once again, it feels like something is missing.
2:11-2:26: I feel like you could have gradually put in the bassline, so it would feel a bit less empty.
Slowly adding more to your bassline until you get to the final result makes gradual changes easier in my experience.
2:30-2:56:Still rather empty.
2:56-3:06: The triple punch beat doesn't fit very well with the overall calm of the song to me.
3:06-4:01: Well, there really isn't anything hear to talk about. Just... nothing. You probably should get this finished.
And that's all I have to say. Overall, very ambient, and it feels like some of the beat is missing, so I'll call this incomplete.

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xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Now I know what is strong about my song and what I need to improve. A true review. Gracias :)

Tripleton - Fragments Tripleton - Fragments

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good, stays uniform and smooth throughout, only problem would maybe be that it's a little too repetitive and maybe a bit simple.