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Fight With All You've Got Fight With All You've Got

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice! Really catchy! Probably would be a good battle theme.

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks for the review, yes indeed, I thought I might aswell start of 2014 with something old school! hehe

Drake The Type Of N-Slur Drake The Type Of N-Slur

Rated 3 / 5 stars

0:00-0:28: Maybe a bit too much repeat for too long.
0:45-1:28: I really like this part. It's complex where it counts, and the sound is engaging.
1:28-1:36: These transitional parts... it's a nice style, but gives me this feel of emptiness for a bit.
1:36-2:00: Pretty nice, rather ambient though.
2:00-2:11: Once again, it feels like something is missing.
2:11-2:26: I feel like you could have gradually put in the bassline, so it would feel a bit less empty.
Slowly adding more to your bassline until you get to the final result makes gradual changes easier in my experience.
2:30-2:56:Still rather empty.
2:56-3:06: The triple punch beat doesn't fit very well with the overall calm of the song to me.
3:06-4:01: Well, there really isn't anything hear to talk about. Just... nothing. You probably should get this finished.
And that's all I have to say. Overall, very ambient, and it feels like some of the beat is missing, so I'll call this incomplete.

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xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Now I know what is strong about my song and what I need to improve. A true review. Gracias :)

Tripleton - Fragments Tripleton - Fragments

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good, stays uniform and smooth throughout, only problem would maybe be that it's a little too repetitive and maybe a bit simple.

Thy Quest Is Over (8 Bit) Thy Quest Is Over (8 Bit)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

In my view, it's pretty k, but needs a bit of work.
What I noticed most was the lack of distinction between each of the three parts. I'm assuming the melody was the organs and the short notes, which interchange roles with the base underlying that. The problem, to me at least, is that they all have about the same volume, so nothing really stands out. This is especially notable when all three pieces are but together, and you can barely hear the short notes.
My next note is that the song, in some places such as the beginning, feel rather empty, so perhaps you'd want to add another part, that fills in the void in the beginning.
Lastly, and this may be incorrect to say as it is video game styled music, but its a bit repetitive, particularly in the organ. I'm a big fan of Dragon Quest myself, and always enjoyed its score, so the repetition sticks out in my mind, being so accustomed to music that has many facets. To put it simply, I feel that the more complex the piece, the better you paint the scene for your listener, whether it's meant to be ambient, or noticeable. Still a good work though.

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks for reviewing! yes, I may plan to do a V2 of this one, it was a quick little track I made. I wasnt sure about the volume, the original version of this was much louder but I remember in Dragon Warrior the game over screen was quieter on the sounds, so I lowered them.

Same with the simplicity, I agree maybe the start could use a little more, but it was the simplicity that I was going for, bearing in mind old games didn't have the best sound chips to work with.

If you want a more energizing 8 bit track check out "Fight To Save The World"

Tripleton - Aurora (Extended E Tripleton - Aurora (Extended E

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Absolutely wonderful! Bravo, yes, bravo indeed!
Well, time to "review" then.....
*takes out pipe* Well, good sir, what I'd say is most defining about this piece is it's catchy melody, which stays smooth throughout the entire piece despite the constant strength of the other parts pushing against it. Like a inner tube on a stormy sea, it bobs up and down, sometimes just out of view underwater, but never sinking. *Inhales pipe deeply* It is through this melodic lifeboat that you take the listener on a journey through stormy seas filled with loud beasts. Yet the melody never stops, leading you on, holding your hand through the forest of sounds. *Inhaling so deeply I may be choking* In fact, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the melody was what you created first. I must try that sometime, hmm, yes, yes. *Gently lays pipe on table* If I could see anything that should be changed... I'd say the cymbal (is that what they call it?) volume increase at 4:16, as I find it rather overwhelming. *Stands in front of fireplace, mahogany bathrobe seemingly shirking away from it* Unless, of course, you wanted it that way. *Laughs richly* But that is besides the point. Good show, I say! Good show!

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Happy New Year Happy New Year

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, Imma gonna be writing this as I listen, so:
The beat is rather simple, but simple is good, and the transitions are good as well.
It's a very soothing song, and I like that about it. Very nice. I just noticed it looped again. The fact I didn't noticed that shows skill in creating a loop correctly. So, in my view, I'd say that it's very good, but needs a bit more sophistication, like maybe one more underlying tone. Overall very good though. :)

Year of Glad Year of Glad

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it! Though I'm pretty sure I'm a nub in the audio portal right now, the beat is excellent, the transitions are smooth, and overall, the song is quite enjoyable. If I could think of anything to change, it would maybe be.... err.... I'm not sure.

I think I'm bad at reviewing things.

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Error104 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

The Legendary Hero RmX The Legendary Hero RmX

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh man. That pause at 1:10 actually made my heart stop the first time I heard it. I just logged in to write this, because you are awesome. Like God-level awesome, broski.

DJ Theof - Forever Alone DJ Theof - Forever Alone

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Tight. Better than hotcakes bro.

TastyTeo responds:

haha thanks bro :D

NK - Nine Circles NK - Nine Circles

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful work as always.

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