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Yeah, I ended up not doing much for a while, but I think I'm ready to get back in there. I'll just stick to wha'ts easy to mix, and ignore the huge crits, yeah?

I mean, audiophiles aren't everyone, right?

I think...

Practicing Today

2014-01-02 08:47:15 by bashfrog

Today, I'm going to practice on mixing, so I can spruce up my music, and, you know, make it so it's not jarring.

New song, kinda cool I guess

2014-01-01 10:23:22 by bashfrog

Well, I made a new song, this time delving more into rpg themes. I don't particularly like it though, if only because I wanted to make something upbeat and ended up with Dragon Quest 2.0.  But, still hope you enjoy!

Finshed First Song! (I think)

2013-12-31 17:37:22 by bashfrog

After a few hours of work, I've created a new song called "Trapped in The Hive"! I hope you enjoy it! If you're looking at this...

Today, I'm going to start with my next song.  This time. It will actually be at least sort of complex, as I've been slowly learning how to correctly use my software.  It will be different this time because:

  1. I can actually hear the finished result in software now (I had the sound set up incorrectly before, so I only heard horrible, horrible, screeches.  I was pretty surprised when Spaceyship sounded ok.)
  2. I understand bassline and piano roll now.  Before, I only used piano roll, and sense everything sounded the same, I just went for one component.  Now, I can get maybe two layers of basslines, along with the main.

Hey look, I made something!

2013-12-29 13:04:05 by bashfrog

I made something! Hooray! Now I might actually be able to do something productive other than play LoL! (Conscience to Bashfrog: playing League is not productive) Hopefully, I'll be able to make something else soon. Or eventually. Or something. The point is, maybe I'll make something that's more than a simple loop with one layer.

Aero Crusher

2012-06-18 23:57:01 by bashfrog

No one is likely to read this for a longgggggg time, but I just beat and boss rushed Aero Crusher, getting every acheivement, and I feel pretty satisfied as this game is insanely hard due to the lackluster health system, and the level design that completely ignores the fact that it has a lackluster health system. The bosses took wayyyyy less tries to defeat the second time around, so it is possible to master the game once you get past the learning curve and figure out the strange quirks of the game. Now let's go through some of the harder levels:
Box level #1: Annoying until you figure out what the tutorial was trying to explain to you.

Tractor: Interestingly, this plays out similar to the arthur boss battle, just without the extreme challenge. Call this a
miniboss. If you beat the first boss, call it a snack.

Justin Beaver: I actually rage quitted on this before I came back. You can't call it a "boss", but novices to this game will struggle due to the small space in which you can move. Learn how to conserve your mouse movement until you actually need to damage something. Moving frantically will ALMOST ALWAYS RESULT IN DEATH.

Air Attack: Just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready for some super impossible challenges after this. Once again, a miniboss. Once you beat this, you can now be called a adept player.

Gaia: Finally! The first boss! Firstly, GO FOR THE GRAY BALLS SURROUNDING IT. It's obvious, but may not be at first. Second, keep moving. Getting stuck into a corner in this game always results in your death. Third, once you destroy a gray ball, go straight for gaia itself. This is because gaia is actually holding up the gray balls and chains, similar to a planet. Wait..... I understand now. Once gaia is done, you win.

Box level #2: Introduces multiple gravities at once. Kinda like red remover, except the developer made it so stacks of blocks often move different directions. You can see how this goes.

Tricycle: Here, the bosses start getting a bit..... strange. It really isn't your idea of a tricycle is what I'm saying. Try to get a lot of hits at the beginning. In fact, this goes for cyclops, gaia and ****** as well. Also, remember that your crusher ball can push most things in the game, including lava particles, chains, most non-enemy items, titan's sword, the cyclops's eyes (more on that later), titan's glass attack, the tricycle, and the caterpillar. Don't try this on ******'s fist. You'll never block it. Anyway, keep the tricycle pushed back. The second it gets past you the battle gets complicated, so only attack it on the bottom of the battlefield.

Caterpillar: OH MY GOSH THE NIGHTMARES. It's weakpoint is it's back eye, which is usually pointed away from you, since the caterpillar uses a follow programming based around it's front(or back. I'm not sure.). Get around it, attack, repeat until the segments are all destroyed. This is the should be a boss of the game.

Block level 3: This game is more or less composed of three level types: Kill: Destroy a target or targets, who also attempt to destroy you. You could also call every one of these levels boss battles. This is air attack, tractor, every boss, and caterpillar. Destroy random things: You have to destroy various items, of which I will not talk of. They get harder and harder to do as you go along. Phsyics game 101: Any level with blocks or aliens. Your basic physics game, but remember that the chain of events is now created by a very fragile ship with a crusher ball attached to it. These can be as frustrating as the bosses themselves. You can divide these into two subtypes: removal game and kill the anything. Also, there are 3 block levels, one alien level, and one block/alien level right at the end. Anyways, this level is even harder then the last block level. Don't hit the blocks towards the spinner. Do not hit the orange glow particles. Make sure to get out of the way immediately after hitting a pile.

Titan: don't try to get the first strike on this one. Wait for its upwards sword slash, then go in for the kill, attacking only the head. Protip: You can push back its attacks. That doesn't mean attack like crazy, but try to time movements so you can push attacks back. Also, you can damage the head occasionally if you hit the sword hard while it's near its head. After his sword thrust, a attack is released I can only describe as pushover glass wave attack or attempted to be a laser looking sword slash attack. It can be pushed back, just like the sword. It's hard to break before it summons another, but only one will be on the screen at once, and when you push back enough, you can attack both the wave and titan at once. One last thing: it has a very small hitzone, smaller then any other boss, so mouse control is very, very, important.

After this I'm just explaining the bosses, so i'll just provide some obscure tips. You can't break the tops, so get them out of the shell. Some things are rather light, and light things can easily go up a thing sized hole. Go for the tips of the lines to overwhelm a side. Timing is key for everything. Figure out the rhythm, and you can ride the level like a horse. (unless you're thinking of something else. If so, good for you!)

Cyclops: Not really a cyclops, more four dangerous beasts that shoot hard to dodge lasers. This is a boss that grows weaker with every blow. Attack the two leftmost or righmost eyes and destroy them as quickly as possible, since the laser symphony parade does not start until a bit after the level starts. Protip: For some reason, the lasers will only kill if the tip hits. Strange. Once at least one is destroyed, part of the laser sequence will be broken, allowing a litle bit more room to rest. Don't stop though. The lasers are shot in a way that makes you keep dodging down to the last eye.

******: This is it. You've defeated many things, many of which are at innapropiate sizes, and fought many bosses, who often make little to no sense, and have fought at least one non-boss-boss. (DAMN YOU CATERPILLAR. DAMN YOU.) No it's time to fight....... **** ******? You mean it's not some kind of parody of a popular charcter or the game developer? Anyway, start by flipping his ****** off. This exposes the weak point. Quickly get 3-4 hits or more in. You will not have time later. Once he starts moving backwards, he'll start using his fist attack, which is his one and only attack. The first time around, he'll punch two times on the way back, then you'll have a short opening, after which he'll attack again more, this time with more punches before he stops. His hand eventually goes down after a while, and gives you a opening similar to the beginning. This is once again proof that whoever made this meant no harm. Protip: This guy takes quite a few hits, similar to titan, but that's the least of your problems. His fist overwhelms your crusher ball's mass, so you can't block his one and only attack, which happens to be extremely dangerous and hard to dodge without anticipation, so just wait for the damn openings, which can be seen when his arm just hangs down and swings instead of being in a frozen position. Not always, like the second opening, but usually. Don't get too close to the ******, and hit the weak point only, because if you miss and hit either above or below, the ****** will flip back down and likely kill you.

Once you've killed him, you've won, sit back and go do something productive. In fact try any game requiring hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and control of your body. Your ability likely increased, as I noticed after defeating this ordeal.

Lastly, for anyone who has a lot of free time, play Aero Crusher completely through, maybe with breaks. Winning in it is truly satisfying because you have to work for every single level pass in the game. It is a flawed game, but the developer unintentionally made the game one of the greatest challenges a gamer could every face, similar in line to the world's hardest game, but in a strange, interesting way.